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Chanel Bags - Vintage, Designer and More

Chanel is one of those very few brands in the world which have a really large collection of handbags to choose from. There are handbags which match with all kinds of outfits, and then there are handbags which would look perfect specifically with your work attire, or a party dress, or a club dress etc. You will find classic vintage bags, designer masterpieces, and much more at Chanel.

The best thing about all Chanel handbags is that a lot of effort goes into the making of each piece. And this effort is visible when the final product comes in the hands of the customer. You will see that the choice of the leather to make the bags is very smart - it is durable and stiff leather that has a long life, yet it is very soft and smooth to touch and feel. The hardware is also very carefully selected, and it is neither very bulky, nor very small and mismanaged that it comes out quickly. The polish of the hardware too stays for a long time. Even the stitching of the bags is very intricate, neat and tidy, and almost invisible, giving the bag a very great overall look.

A great deal of thought goes into the division of the sections in the bags as well. When you open any Chanel bag, you will see how smartly the usage of the space has been planned with well defined sections for keeping your belongings. This phenomenon can actually be related to the early days, when in February 1955, Coco Chanel designed the Chanel 2.55 classic bag. This bag not only had a shoulder string, meant for women who want to free their hands while their handbag, but also had a special compartment under the opening flap to keep papers. This secret compartment was rumoured to be the place where Chanel hid her love letters!

So as you can see, all bags from Chanel are very carefully planned, keeping the customer in mind. There are different varieties of bags - vintage, designer, basic, formal, casual etc. And all these bags come in different colours and different sizes too, to help the customer choose what suits her needs exactly.

All these bags can be bought at any of the Chanel outlets, or at the Chanel official online store, or even at many other online shops which are authorised sellers of the Chanel products.