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How to Buy Shoes That Make Your Big Feet Look Smaller

Do you think your feet look too big? Many people do, especially women. The fact is, the normal American woman's feet are larger than they used to be. The average shoe size is now size 8. That's a whole size larger than it was just a decade or two ago. If you are uncomfortable because you feel your feet are too large, there are some ways to downsize their appearance. When you're shopping for shoes, keep these tips in mind.

Where Heels if You Can Although they are not right for every occasion or activity, heels always make your feet look smaller. Heels tend to break up the long, straight line of your foot that flat shoes only emphasize. Not only that, they make your legs appear longer and more toned. And don't worry, heels don't have to be stilettos to accomplish this. Wedge heels and shorter chunkier heels work just as well as 4-inch spikes. Heels look good with a large variety of clothing, too. Even a nice pair of jeans takes on a little edge of sophistication when teemed with a good looking pair of heels.

Avoid Pointy Toes There is no faster way to make your feet appear longer than they are than to slip them into a pair of pointy toed shoes. They emphasize the length of your foot and draw it out even more. Instead, opt for shoes with rounded toes. This is a more natural shape for your foot and is better for the bones in your feet. Shoes with rounded toes usually fit close to the foot as well, which makes your foot appear slimmer.

If you have a long, narrow foot, you may prefer shoes with a toe that is more square. This will make the foot look shorter and a little wider.

Choose Dark Colored Shoes Dark colors make objects recede and seem smaller. By choosing dark colored shoes, your feet will not be as noticeable. Light colors tend to make feet stand out, drawing attention to their size. A good rule of them is to wear shoes that are at least as dark as your hemline, if not darker.

Avoid Strappy Sandals and Ankle Straps The less skin showing on your feet, the less they will be noticed. This is not to say that you should never wear sandals, just choose ones that are more substantial. Peek toes and sling backs are other alternative styles that still look airy while minimizing the size of your foot. Ankle straps are tricky for many women, even those with average size feet. These tend to make your ankles appear chunkier and also draws attention towards your foot.

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Don't try to make your feet look smaller by buying shoes that are too little. All you will accomplish is to make your feet look crammed into shoes that are too small and make your feet throb before you've worn them very long.

You may not be able to literally shrink the size of your feet, but you can camouflage it by following these quick tips when you're shopping for new shoes. By the way, go ahead and get the cute pair with the flowers on tops Bows, tassels and other accents on a shoe also help disguise big tootsies.