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Laguan Beach Professional Pet Photographer Iphone Use

The key to a photographer giving great value to his clients at a reasonable price is to create an efficient shooting and production process.

When dealing with pets, the iPhone can be a great asset in this regard. Pets, whether or not they've gone to obedience school do not obey instructions as well as most human adults (however they do tend to obey better than you average toddler). Thus, normally photographing a pet requires at least two persons. One person puts the pet in place and the the other person takes the pictures.

With an iPhone app or other device that allows a photographer to control the camera remotely. Thus one person can be getting the pet in place and then shoot without returning to the camera when the peet is well posed. In many instances this techniques allows the two photographers to be replaced by one. Using one photographer lowers the cost of obtaining the images. This savings can then be passed on to the customer which provides the customer a better value.

There are several apps that allows a photographer to take pictures from his phone. Each package has a variety of different features, but most require you follow the following steps:

1. Download the server software onto your PC or Mac.

2. Make sure both your PC and your iPhone are hooked up to the same local network. If a local network does not exist, you can create an ad-hoc network so the iPhone and computer communicate over that network.

3. Attach the PC to the camera with a USB firewire cable. This is one of the major limitations of shooting this way - your camera is tied to your computer, so this is not a practical technique when shooting outside of a studio.

4. Enter the app and select the camera you want to control from you phone.

Following these steps to use a photographer's phone as a device to remotely control a camera is one way a photographer can add efficiency to his work which will allow him to provide better value to his clients.