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What Makes Sport Watches So Expensive?

Why is it that some sport watches are so expensive, while other brands remain affordable? Why are Michael Kors watches so reasonably priced, yet many other makers find it necessary to charge more for their collections? Well, in the case of sport timepieces... one reason for the increased price is the precision craftsmanship that goes into them. Some makers, like Michael Kors, use Swiss quartz movements in their watches. Quartz is really inexpensive to manufacture and is quite accurate and reliable. Using Quartz movements, rather than putting together costly mechanical movements, keeps the price down and keeps customers coming back.

Brand name pedigree is another factor that drives up the price of a watch. Brand name is the e sport watch industry has succumb to this attraction. Most makers of sport watches these days are luxury brand companies. The "luxury" refers to high quality craftsmanship and fine materials.

Product development costs money. Developing new products can be time consuming and expensive... in most cases that cost will be passed on to the consumer, thus a higher price. The makers of high performance sport collections are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to re-invent the wheel.

Limited edition translates into more dollar signs. A lot of makers create limited edition collections in order to create a buzz about the brand and therefore drive up the retail price. It may not be only a reflection of the mere number of pieces produced, but also the uniqueness of the watches. The more unique a piece, the more likely it is to have more expensive components.

As I mentioned earlier, the movement has a great deal to do with the final cost. Mechanical movements are much more expensive to produce and much more time consuming to create. As a generally rule, any mechanical will cost more than their Quartz cousins.

Finally, the most important factor in the cost of a piece is mark up. The more hands looking to get a piece of the profit, the more you will have to pay as the consumer. The best way to keep as many middle men out of the picture as possible is to buy from the manufacturer or better yet to shop on-line at stores that the maker works with. In many cases you can shop a wide selection and get a deal, to boot. Sport watches of high quality can be had at reasonable prices.